Uniform & Dress Code


PreK3 and PreK4 Dress                                                                                                               

For safety, comfort, and range of motion the following guidelines should be followed: Children should be able to handle their clothing independently when using the restroom. Shorts and pants with elastic waists are required because they are easier for the child to pull up. Girls wearing a dress/skirt must wear shorts or tights under it. As a safety precaution, all shoes should be rubber-soled and only children who are proficient at tying their shoes should wear lace shoes. Closed-toed shoes with Velcro or zipper closures and rubber soles are recommended. No high tops, heels, and /or sandals are allowed. Students must be toilet trained and fully out of diapers and pull-ups to enter our PreK program.

Kindergarten – Grade 6

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School desires to instill pride and a sense of community for our students with its uniforms. For this reason, simple uniform pieces have been chosen. The official dress uniform consists of a navy collared polo shirt with the St. Stephen’s crest and khaki pants or shorts/skort. The official dress uniform, often called our “dress blues” is required on Wednesday Chapel days, special occasions, and field trips. 

On other school days a student may wear a navy, red, or white polo or turtleneck shirt with the St. Stephen’s crest and khaki or navy bottoms (shorts, slacks, skirts, skorts). A navy and plaid jumper along with a plaid skirt from Lands' End are also permitted, to be worn with a navy, red, or white shirt. On Fridays ONLY, a St. Stephen’s themed or connected t-shirt (any color) may be worn with blue jeans. Shirts must be tucked in for Chapel and other special occasions. Refer to the Lands' End website for a complete listing of all SSES approved items. 

Students with dress code violations will be sent to the School Office to change into a proper uniform using clothes from the uniform exchange. If no suitable substitute can be found, parents will be called to provide the proper uniform. When the number of dress code violations warrants it, the student’s Social Development/Social Skills grade may be lowered.  

Click to Shop!

Click to Shop!

Where to Purchase

Lands' End is the suggested uniform brand because for every purchase from our school Lands' End will donate three percent of the net sales back to our School. St. Stephen's Episcopal School; Wimberley, TX has The Lands' End school number of 900048372.

Un-uniform Day Policy

As a fundraiser for special student projects, the School will promote an un-uniform or special dress day for a small donation per student. On these days we ask that students dress with modesty in mind and specifically that clothing with advertisements, spaghetti straps, halter tops, bare midriffs, or exposed undergarments cannot be worn. Students must always bring athletic shoes for P.E.

Outer Wear / Winter Coats

Only red, white, or navy sweaters, sweatshirts, or jackets with the St. Stephen's crest are permitted as indoor wear when in uniform. Fleece jackets or coats (crest not required) should be worn when the crest sweater, sweatshirt. or jacket does not provide adequate warmth for outdoor learning. Undershirts, if worn, must be red, white, or navy.

Shoes / Socks / Leggings

Shoes are required at all times unless otherwise noted by the instructor. Athletic shoes are recommended because of the many outdoor activities each day. No particular brand or color is required of an athletic shoe. However, all other types of shoes or boots MUST be solid red, white, navy, black, or brown with closed toes and rubber or leather soles. Children unable to tie their own shoes must wear shoes w/Velcro or zipper closures. Please practice shoe tying at home. Only solid, polka dotted, or striped socks, tights, or leggings in white, red, or navy are allowed.  


Solid black, brown, or navy belts may be worn but are not required. Buckles should not contain emblems or images.


No hats are permitted at school in the Chapel, classrooms or hallways but may be worn for outside activities, especially on hot or cold days.


Hair must be a natural hair color. Any hairstyle that causes a distraction during class time is not permissible. All hair accessories must be red, white, or navy in a solid, polka dot, striped, or plaid design.


Students may wear a necklace, watch, and/or bracelet that is appropriate and may wear one ring on each hand. Girls may wear one set of post earrings (one in each ear). Boys are not permitted to wear earrings. No other jewelry is permitted.

Teams/Other Organizations

Scouts and Brownies may wear their uniforms on their meeting day unless the meeting day is Wednesday or field trip day. (It must be a full uniform. No partial uniforms are permitted.)

General Expectations

  • Appearance should reflect common sense, neatness, and safety.
  • Clothing should be clean and in good condition with no missing buttons, rips, or holes.
  • Shoes must be tied at all times.