Our Story


St. Stephen's Episcopal School, established in 1989 as an active ministry of St. Stephen's Church, enrolls children from PreK3 through Sixth Grade at the 52-acre campus it shares with the Church.

Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

To empower each student to live authentically, think expansively, and serve selflessly.

Our Philosophy

In the tradition of Episcopal school education, St. Stephen's is a community rooted in faith and committed to providing a challenging academic curriculum while remaining sensitive to the development of the whole child. The School places great emphasis on the creation of a safe, family environment where the unique worth and beauty of all human beings can be proclaimed as creations of a loving, empowering God.  

School Creed

I believe in God above, I believe in Jesus' love. I believe His Spirit too, comes to teach me what to do. I believe that I should be kind and loving, Lord, like thee.


Honor Code

As a member of the St. Stephen’s School Community, I accept personal responsibility for my actions and their impact on other members of the community. At all times I will exhibit academic integrity, cultivate a safe and respectful environment, and encourage all others to do the same. Specifically, I will not lie, steal, cheat, nor use language/behavior that is harmful to others. The St. Stephen’s Honor Code is discussed with and signed by all students.

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.— Nelson Mandela

Core Values

Spiritual Foundation

We are an Episcopal School that worships together, develops Christian values, and respects all faiths.

Educational Balance

We provide a setting that promotes challenging academics, arts, athletics, and extracurricular programs.


We model the moral values of respect for self and others, responsibility, integrity, tolerance, and compassion.


We are a dedicated community that provides a nurturing, safe, inclusive, and joyful environment.


We encourage students to utilize their gifts and talents for the greater good of the School, the broader community, and the natural world. 

Episcopal Identity


Episcopal schools are created to be communities that honor, celebrate, and worship God as the center of life while valuing faith and reason as a way to true understanding.  Parish day schools, like St. Stephen's, were founded to offer educational excellence in a context of Christian mission and social responsibility.  The elements that direct the faculty, staff, parents, and students of St. Stephen's, our Mission Statement, School Creed, and Core Values, echo the tenets of Episcopal Identity.  These principals are woven into the School's overall life, helping to ensure a strong foundation of Christian love that guides and challenges all students to build lives of genuine meaning, purpose, and service. 


St. Stephen’s is the largest and most diverse ministry of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church. The school holds three chapel services each week as a way to honor its Episcopal identity and school founders.  The school sees chapel as a teaching & learning opportunity in which students are at the center of the experience and are guided by our Chapel Coordinator/Music Teacher and our Rector.  Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade also attend a weekly Spiritual Formation class.  In the tradition of Episcopal Schools, the school is unapologetically Episcopal through teaching and modeling Anglican rituals, open-mindedness, tolerance, peaceful resolution, appreciation of spiritual difference, and understanding of the world community.

Membership & Accreditation



St. Stephen's Episcopal School maintains memberships in the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES) and the National Association for Episcopal Schools (NAES). The Episcopal Schools Commission of the Diocese of West Texas (DWTX) also provides structure and standards for an outstanding school experience. These state, regional, and national organizations support schools with training, standards, and policies. They also provide St. Stephen's with a sense of purpose greater than our local influence, and allow us to assist in the creation, maintenance, and expansion of a dynamic network of Episcopal schools with a deep sense of shared mission and identity.


St. Stephen's Episcopal School, from its PreK3 program through Sixth Grade, is accredited by the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools (SAES). This accreditation is fully recognized by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) through the membership of SAES in the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.  SAES is a regional organization of Episcopal schools in Texas, Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana and Oklahoma. The SAES accreditation process is comprehensive and rigorous, including on-site visiting teams of fellow educators, and required interim written reports over a ten-year period to create a continuous accreditation process. 

St. Stephen’s is strengthened by accreditation process’ emphasis on best practices and effective school governance.  SAES is the only faith-based accreditation organization in the United States recognized by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). 

The mission of the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools is to lead, nurture, and unify Episcopal schools in order to advance educational excellence within the faith community of the Episcopal Church.



Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church moved onto the current property in Wimberley in the early 1970's. The beautiful mission chapel and grounds were completed as a replica of San Francisco de la Espada in San Antonio in 1976. Over the following years the parish added a parish hall and a log cabin.  During a study of the goals of the parish, an interest in a school for young children emerged. Funding was found for a building, and the process began. 

With the funding and support of the Burdine Johnson Foundation, the doors of St. Stephen's Episcopal School opened in September of 1989. Bishop Earl McArthur, The Rev. Ted Hervey, The Rev. Phil Parham, The Rev. Ted Knies, The Rev. George "Mac" Keeble, The Rev. Dr. Patrick Gahan and the current Rector, The Rev. Sandra Casey-Martus have all had opportunities to add to this outreach of Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church.  

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In 2016, St. Stephen’s School received a significant bequest from the Estate of Kathryn Hildreth Delcher. Church member, Kay Delcher, was an ardent supporter of education. Her impactful gift to the School was recognized in a special ceremony in which the main hall was named the Kay Delcher Education Hall.

Currently, classes are offered from PreK3 through Sixth Grade. Through the vision and determination of the church and school community, we continue to provide an exceptional education for children from Wimberley and surrounding communities whose families choose St. Stephen's.